musical pals:
Logan Whitehurst, Richard Wiley, Dr. Demento, and Ryan Rimmer

kickass animators:
Shawn Vulliez and Andrew Kepple

skilled remixinators:
SaTIst, R-Forrest, and Aaron Ackerson

smart people:
Tony Gies, Abi Rendon, and Adam Atlas

tomorrow's auteur:
Kojiro Abe

endlessly cute ladyfriends:
Natalia, Kim, Crystal, Julie, Chloe, and Sarah!

band geeks:
Alora and Chooch

my family:
Mom and Dad, Emmy, Ben, Leah, Anthony, and all of my cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpas past and present.

Everybody on the Lemon Demon forums and chat who isn't banned!

If I've forgotten somebody important, they may slap me.